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Fall Fishing in Panama City Beach started

Its fishing time in Panama City Beach. You can chuck your line at the city pier or at the county pier, but it appears that fishermen are glued to their favorite one. This is the time when along with locals, tourists try their luck in fishing.

Mattieu Harper, a resident of the Panama City Beach, told that Pier Park pier was better and has a lot more bait. Louis Walker, another resident and fisherman at the Panama City Beach told that he got the biggest pompano fish off this pier, but still he prefers this pier.

Try a cycling holiday through Costa Rica and Panama

Cycling is really nice way to the world from a completely unequaled perspective. This is much quicker than walking and also easier to get your things packed on a long journey. One fabulous journey by cycle is from Costa Rica to Panama.

Panama and Costa Rica, both are located in the Central America. The southern most nation in this area is Panama and it is surrounded by Colombia. Costa Rica is just above Panama. Costa Rica’s capital city San Jose and Panama’s capital Panama City are separated by around three hundred miles.

Carnival Queen of Panama

No one gets comes in the way of Panama’s carnival celebrations. This is a nationwide party and weeklong party. Panama City turns abandon and all businesses closes; music tends to be everywhere and at times it sounds like the largest speaker systems collection of the world which comes to blast reggae and pop music.

Travellers Paradise

In last 5 – 6 years, Panama’s Azuero Peninsula’s east coast has come out as a kind of gold coast. Traveling south, you hit Chitre, after that its Los Santos, then Las Tablas, Playa Venao, Pedasi and at last Cambutal. At times, it feels like that you have come to the end of the world.

If you are driving from Chitre to Cambutal - it is less than 2 hours drive. But still, each place in the pacific coast has a different kind of personality. Here, Chitre, which is the place that can be described as a city, has a population of around 45000 people.

Joys of nude travelling

Next February, when Carnival Freedom starts sail from Florida for a 8-day trip to Panama and it will provide the similar amenities like any other cruise ships - a jogging track, a 1970s dance club, a cigar bar and three pools.


The Hotels located in Panama City Beach like the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort, are looking for American Corporate for brand sponsors for the Spring Break scheduled to be held in the year 2013. Panama City Beach has turned out to be a haven for several college as well as high school students of Spring Break every year. Panama has earned the reputation of being the called the “Spring Break Capital of the World”.

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