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Research say that NYPD is as diverse as the city itself

Critics of New York argue that the cops of the city cannot relate to Big Apples minority communities. However, a recent study reveals that the New York Police Department is as diverse as the city it deals with. All the criticism stepped up after Eric Garner, a black man from Staten Island, was lost his life on 17th July when he was put in a chokehold by a white police officer attempting to arrest him for peddling cigarettes illegally.

Morristown company to manage Panama City Metro

A Morristown corporation would oversee the Panama City's very first metro system’s construction. On Tuesday, Louis Berger signed a US$ 32 million deal to manage Panama City Metro's second line’s production. Juan Carlos Varela Rodríguez, the Panamanian President, as well as senior officials of the government were present for the official deal signing.

Tourism Ministry chewing over Thailand travel warning because of anti-government protests

Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism is thinking of issuing an official travel warning for everyone because of the present political crisis. Thong Khon, the Minister of Tourism, stated that in spite of no notable decrement in tourist numbers between Thailand and Cambodia, having yet resulted from the crisis, the government stays wary of all the risks.

He added that they have not sent out any alert for the Cambodian travelers who want to visit Thailand yet. The ministry is monitoring the situation/

Pleasant Holidays and Journese set to offer exciting Panama packages

Pleasant Holidays as well as its sister firm Journese have introduced Panama packages. The Central America portfolio of Pleasant Holidays now has 8 three to five star standard properties in Panama City.
To advertise the place, Pleasant Holidays is now giving a prefatorialair credit of US$ 100 each person.

Panama tops the best place to retire

In this year’s edition of American magazine’s annual Global Retirement Index lists Panama on top in its list for best places to spend your retirement. Panama is a real attractive destination for retirees moving from United States, as the US dollar is the official currency and more than that English is understood by all.

This Central American country stands out for its pensioner residence plan. Along with giving offers on medical expenses, entertainment and real estate loans, the program modify the immigration program for them.

Ritz Carlton brings Reserve in Panama

Ritz Carlton Hotel Company is flourishing their ingathering of Reserve hotels along with plans to start a luxury sanctuary on the Pearl Island, which is a private island located forty five miles south Panama City.

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